I am humbled and honoured as the secretary general to welcome you all to the first ever annual session of Fatih Sultan Mehmet International Anatolia Imam Hatip High School Model UN Conference, which will take place on the 3rd to 6th of May, 2018 in the heart of Turkey; Istanbul. Our school is as well located in the heart of Istanbul in the Fatih Province overlooking the Bosphorus and The Golden Horn . As the first International Imam Imam Hatip High school in Turkey to host this historic conference, the entire management team worked tirelessly to make this conference one of the best in the history of MUN conferences in Turkey despite it being our first conference.
Take a look at the world we live in today, what do you see ? wars and and instability right? Well your answer is just as correct as mine. The world today is prone into wars, conflicts and proliferation of political grievances both at the national and the international levels. Religious intolerance also play a major role in this crisis we face as people from different faith rise against each other whiles some due to misunderstanding of their faith violently murder innocent souls. Taking these issues into consideration we as a team have come out with “Ensuring a peaceful co-existence through tolerance” as our theme for this year’s conference. İt is our hope that delegates from other part of the world would contribute enormously to finding solutions to these terrible crisis the world faces today.
As the world gathers in our school which is one of the oldest schools in Turkey to deliberate on how to bring lasting solutions to the problems we are battling with currently, they also have the opportunity to experience a multi cultural display of talents by our students from 53 countries ranging from dance,MEHTER, songs, traditional wear from each country and lot more during the break sessions. Our honourable guests and dlegates cant affor to missing the excursion to the historic sites in Istanbul.
It is my utmost pleasure and honour to invite you to our ever and never-forgetting conference; FSMIMUN 2018.

Groupore Farouk Arongo
Secretary Genaral

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2018/05/03 12:30:00


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